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Digital Curation and Genealogy

31 Oct

It’s been almost a month since my last post and I still haven’t found the time to continue my writing as I’m working full-mode in digital consultancy. I have plenty of stories left to tell but until I find the time to write them (probably around Christmas holidays) I invite you to view and share the news/stories I follow every week about genealogy & family history.

Some of you might wonder what digital curation is? It means I select, collect and archive relevant websites, databases and web portals about genealogy. I know the big ones out there (Ancestry, MyHeritage, etc) are fee-based so I am much more interested in free, volunteer projects that are available to anyone who has internet access. I mainly use the “magazine” model to present my updates about family history: some are selected automatically but mostly I hand-pick my articles:

My topic: Researching Genealogy Online

My magazine: Digging up our Roots Online

I tweet and retweet a lot about genealogy, culture, libraries and archives: I am also aware that not everybody likes the Twitter interface for reading so instead view my Rebelmouse page. It’s a much more fun and visual way of reading great articles and resources I find.

Interested in bookmarks instead? I use two separate sets of tools:

My Pearltrees : Team Genealogy

My Diigo group: Canadian Genealogy Online

The point of digital curation is also to share and annotate content so I welcome you to try (or retry) one of these tools and comment, correct or add anything that you might find interesting!


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