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Paul Emery Genereux charged with manslaughter in 1923

16 Sep

There seems to be an endless supply of skeletons in the Genereux family I have been researching in Massachusetts. After Alfred Genereux and his stealing habit, his oldest son Paul Emery Genereux had his share of misdemeanor.

Paul Emery was born on the 2nd of July, 1892 in Somerville, Middlesex to Alfred and Mina Etta. Two years later, the young Paul got thrown in the air… by a cow!

Source: Boston Evening Transcript 5 Jun 1894, p.3 on Google News Archive

Source: Boston Evening Transcript 5 Jun 1894, p.3
on Google News Archive

He did get better and apparently suffered no serious mishap from this adventure. He married Estelle Courtney Snow on the 24th of August 1911 in Lynn, Essex. At the time, he was a clerk in a periodical store. For some unknown reason, they separated before 1920 as she remarried Dr Carolus Melville Cobb in 1919. Dr Cobb even adopted their only daughter, Courtney Estelle who was born in 1912.

But back to Paul: in 1918 he got drafted in WWI for a duration of about six months and in 1920, he is found living with his parents in Lynn where he is a professional photographer. I found many city directories entries for him in Lynn however starting in 1926, he was with a wife named “Anna M”. I had no record of their marriage but a quick look at the Massachusetts, Marriage Index on Ancestry revealed that they married in 1925.

While I was researching articles about him, I mangled his surname on purpose and fell on this article:

Source: The Boston Sunday Herald, 27 May 1923, p. 6 on Genealogybank.com

Source: The Boston Sunday Herald, 27 May 1923, p. 6
on Genealogybank.com

He was teaching his future wife to drive and they ran over a small child in the street. Now, I manually re-ran searches for Paul in the Lynn city directories from 1923 to 1926 and I couldn’t find any so does this mean that Paul and Anna were imprisoned? I’m still unfamiliar with the U.S. Court system and the mention “grand jury” speaks of trial and prison for me, am I wrong?

Whatever happened to them between those years, they remained married and living in Lynn on Gertrude street.  He became a mason, in Damascus Lodge of Lynn in 1948. He also registered in the WWII “Old Man’s Draft” in Lynn. Paul eventually became a commercial photographer of some renown: he is cited in several gardening photography credits from the 1950’s till 1970. He eventually died on the 19th of October, 1977. Anna survived him by 11 years, she died in 1988.

Source: Boston Herald American, 22 Oct 1977, p.23 on Genealogybank.com

Source: Boston Herald American, 22 Oct 1977, p.23
on Genealogybank.com


Paul E. Genereux, photographer and free mason?

28 Jun

Now I jumping way ahead in my research here since I didn’t finish writing the story of Paul Genereux( brother of Emilie Genereux who was the wife of my great-great-grandfather Maximilien), the saloon-keeper in North End Boston. He  moved to Boston around 1868 with his wife and children. Now his grand-son (and my second cousin twice removed) Paul Emery Genereux (1892-1977) ( son of Alfred Genereux (1862-1926) and Mina Etta Cash (1866-1939) ) was a commercial photographer in Lynn, Massachusetts. I found plenty of photo credits in gardening and horticultural books for him during the 50’s and the 60’s. I also found out this morning that he was a Free Mason part of the Damascus lodge.

Membership Card for Paul Emery Genereux

Membership Card for Paul Emery Genereux

His younger brother, Alfred Milton Genereux (1893-1973) was also raised in the same lodge but two decades earlier. Now this opens up new areas of research: I was familiar with typical french-Canadian societies and clubs founded in the late 19th century in the US but this is the first trail I have of relatives being part of Masonic lodges. Stay tuned for more updates about masonic genealogy.


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